..They Will Mount Up With Wings As Eagles
Products by Pro-Tec Systems Inc.
Tail Dragger Tow Bar
  • Adjustable for various tail wheel designs.
  • Suitable for most lightweight tail wheel type aircraft
8 Gallon Water Cart/De-ice Cart (Non-Heated)
  • Fully self contained. Battery supply/12V jumpstart pack & work light.
  • Suitable for single engine and light twin de-icing/anti-icing
  • Aircraft washing, hanger cleanup in remote locations without water
  • Most economical de-icer on the market
  • Weather resistant strong lightweight aluminum construction
18 Gallon Heated Aircraft De-ice/Anti-ice Cart
  • Fully self contained. Plug it in - battery charges, tank contents heat.
  • Use on corporate and regional transport or single & twin engines
  • Telescope sprayer for T-tail and hard to reach stabilizers
  • Just add one 12V deep cycle marine or RV battery and suitable fluid
  • Economical for smaller or single aircraft type operations