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Testomonies - Bob DeFilippo

November 23, 2009

Aircraft Owners,

This is a letter of recommendation for aircraft owners who seek expert maintenance and repair in the western PA area. I have had Dave Ziegenfus, owner of Aero Innovations maintain my 1985 Beech Bonanza for the past 3 and a half years. He was recommended by a local Pittsburgh aircraft owner as being meticulous and reliable. Dave is that and more!

What I like most about Dave is that he is highly detailed in everything he does. He runs the cleanest shop I have ever seen in over 25 years of owning airplanes. I particularly like the systematic way he dissembles the airplane…placing each part, labeling them if necessary, on an empty multilayered cart to insure that nothing gets misplaced or mixed with anything else. As he does his work, every part is meticulously cleaned before it’s returned to the aircraft and I find that when I get the airplane back, it is always cleaner than I left it. Whenever someone looks under the cowling of my airplane, they always remark that the engine looks like new. Little details like marking the positions of the torqued fittings that make pre-flight inspection more effective because any movement is easily detected. It's little details such as this that differentiates Dave's work from the garden variety AP.

He is real flexible about appointments and is upfront about his current workload. He won’t take your plane, if he can’t work on it as promised. He does a great job communicating throughout the work process and isn’t even bugged if you want to hang around and learn something about your airplane. He does a great job at sourcing parts at a reasonable price…if that exists…and his pricing is straightforward. He bills you his labor and doesn’t upcharge the parts/shipping costs. The only downside to Dave is that he takes his time, but I find that he does the job right the first time…every time. This is not to say that he’s slow, but he doesn’t do anything halfway… Dave takes time to do a very good and meticulous job.

I can say, without reservation, that I have never had problems with any repair, adjustment, installation, or maintenance he has performed. This past Fall, I had my aircraft turbonormalized down in Ada, Oklahoma. Given the extensive nature of the work, I also had them Annual the airplane. This was the first time in 3 years, someone else had worked on the airplane, much less done an Annual. The report, from this Beech factory trained and authorized facility was that this was the cleanest annual they had performed on an aircraft as old as mine. The only squawk was a slight adjustment to the elevator rigging and changing 2 rudder bolts that were approaching wear limits. That was it…they told me that whoever was maintaining my airplane had produced as close to a mechanically perfect airplane as they had seen. This credit goes to Dave, who works with me to make sure we keep ahead of mechanical and maintenance issues before they happen. One other note, Dave researched and talked with the folks out at Ada regarding the turbo installation and helped me make the decision even though it wasn't going to be his work. If you work with Dave, you will find him to be your partner in the ownership of your airplane.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or email me. I will be happy to give you my unqualified recommendation. If you haven’t seen his shop, you should start there…that’s what impressed me the first time I met him in 2006. It’s also fun to see what he’s working on…everything from a LearJet to an old Piper Cub…you never know what to expect when that hangar door opens.

Bob DeFilippo